Why Miami Heat can win the Three NBA Championships in a Row

History does not mean that Miami Heat is assured of winning the championship this season. Competition is all about determination and hard work. The supporters and the players may be very sure of winning this season. This is because they base their arguments on these reasons.

The team has great hopes of winning the NBA championship. This can be determined by their marvellous work at the beginning of the season. Effort is what is needed in every single game. This is because they take every single game more serious than the coming one. Losing just a game and to what margin may bring them a lot of challenge. Determination is their way forward since they need the best record of three consecutive wins.

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Current game form can contribute a lot to the winning. Just as they have started well they are keeping the fire burning. Their late effective goal is about 57%. This is very great work as they are the best as at now in the league. The question is whether they will maintain it or not. Probably yes. Their form is one worth watching. Besides this a shooting of approximately 60% in every Hollinger is very encouraging.
Gaming is about the players’ health. Determinant players like Wade, Chris, LeBron and Dwyane are doing a lot to maintain the championship this season. Despite the strong competition in the NBA championship the teams prayer is to wish Wade finish the season well. This will assure them the winners come end season.

Allen who has greatly improved up to about 40% shoots this season gives the team much hope. Other key contributes to the team success are like Beasley and Rashard. Good scoring skill from Beasley that he is able to fight on his own is very supportive in the game. The defense is very compact with likes of Rashard. He is great player with good timing on opponents to provide the best defensive in the season.

Miami heat is at a higher position of winning the championship than any other team. This is only if they maintain their current form.